1. ass, male donkey, donkey, jack, burro; dickey, Sl. neddy, Sl. longear, Brit. Sl. moke, Chiefly Scot. cuddy.
2. fool, dolt, blockhead, imbecile, moron; ignoramus, idiot, tomfool, tomnoddy, noddy; oaf, clod, dunce, boob, boobie, ninny, Sl. schmuck; bungler, boggier, lubber, clodpole, looby; simpleton, Sl. simp, loon, dullard, witling, Sl. dummy, Sl. dumbbell, Sl. numskull, ninnyhammer; Sl. dingbat, Sl. ding-a-ling, Sl. jerk, Sl. goof, Sl. galoot, Sl. goofball; sap, chump, Sl. klutz, Sl. mutt, Sl. schlemiel; dope, dimwit, nincompoop, lamebrain, Sl. juggins, Sl. muggins, halfwit; flibbertigibbet, stupid, Sl. nitwit, Sl. dimwit.
3. dumbhead, dullhead, jughead, Ger. Dummkopf. lunkhead, knucklehead, chowderhead, chucklehead; pinhead, bonehead, thickhead, fathead, muttonhead, woodenhead, bullethead; blubberhead, dunderhead, dunderpate, blunderbuss; cabbagehead, pumpkin-head, puddinghead, mushhead, Brit. Inf. jolterhead, Archaic. toddyhead; Sl. charley, Sl. tony, Sl. noodle, Sl. doughhead; scatterbrain, rattlebrain, rattlepate, harebrain, featherbrain, featherhead; goose, ass, donkey, silly goose, silly, dumb bunny, calf, cuckoo, gull.

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